The sun draws into the empty horizon, its reflection cascading along the endless expanse of the choppy seas. The sounds of rough waves crashing against the jagged shores is nearly muffled by the bustle of tents and pennants being raised, while hurried soldiers stow equipment and crowd the open mess for a bit of broth and bread.

It is late in the autumn, though you’ve lost count of the days on the march to the Black Ships. Your gaze, drifting from the hundreds upon hundreds of makeshift shelters along the shifting coastline, fixes on the imposing structures for which this place bears its name; Three massive rockfaces, to the believer, bearing the resemblance of a triad of great ships, beyond the size of anything man could conceive.

The first shores of the world, you think.. where man set foot on land for the first time, to carve home for himself and his kin from the earth.

This is Aubroas, the world as you know it; the endless expanses of open plains broken only by the crested peaks of the highest mountains south, and the fleeting spring through harvest your only respite of the long, bitter winters. And though the wilds be a harsh land to live, your are not without some luxuries in the great 7 cities, and with Actasur once more granting citizenship, perhaps a place to grow sodded can too be yours.

The Book of Urous: Shadows of The Past